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Some club members are unavailable to play in the regular Standard Swisses, but may be available to play a rated game on any particular Sunday evening. This page is a primitive attempt to gather up dates and names of members who'll be available to play a rated game on a particular Sunday evening.

Please note: you need to be an ACC club member to take advantage of this service, as well as a current member of the United States Chess Federation (these are officially-rated games), and there's a $5 / person charge for the game(s).

Send email to the contact listed on this site (see "Contacts"), and we'll update this list as we're informed of folks availability. Please note that this page is offered as a courtesy, and it would be best to be available on the night(s) you've requested (basically, be courteous towards others). Of course, there's nothing preventing folks from contacting each other and making their own arrangements, not is there anything wrong with folks "just showing up" on a particular evening.


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